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5 Ways to Cover Tattoos (and Piercings) at Work

If you want to get a job or to be taken seriously at work, you can’t have tattoos and body piercings. Right? Some companies are accepting of how people choose to express themselves at work. However, many organizations still oppose visible tattoos and piercings (other than the ears).   Did you know? In the United States, tattoos are protected as free speech…
Floral Print Skirts Header

Flower Power

The garden party vibe is in effect this summer with floral print skirts and flowery shoes. From watercolor prints to pop-art botanical illustrations, these full blooming skirts are a breath of fresh air from the structured pencil skirt. And you don't need a green thumb.     How to style floral print skirts Want to wear a floral print skirt like a…

Secrets of the Most Stylish Women at Work

The best-dressed women at work live – and dress – by these simple style principles. [caption id="attachment_4997" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Pinterest[/caption] [dropcap]Above[/dropcap] all, stylish women know how they look matters. No, it's not about their physical attractiveness, but rather their ability to project presence, strength, and power with their appearance and body language. Is there a woman in your office who always…

These Floral Shoes Will Brighten Your Work Day

Inspired by lush gardens and bountiful bouquets, this season's floral print shoes will make planning your summer work wardrobe a breeze. Create eye-catching outfits by mixing floral shoes with other print items such as polka-dot blouse or stripe skirt. For a no-fail look, identify one strong color in the print and repeat it in your outfit.