About The Power Dresser

The Power Dresser (TPD) is a fashion+work life resource for today’s career-oriented woman. The Power Dresser is about expert fashion advice, common sense, inspiration, and fun. The Power Dresser will show you how to: work with what you have, follow and break fashion rules, incorporate the right trends, embrace the classics, evolve your wardrobe, and love getting dressed every day.

For decades, “power dressing” has been structured, matching suits to display authority, competence, and, of course, power. While that base look is still prevalent in many business, government, and law environments, The Power Dresser believes that “power dressing” can no longer be limited to that definition. The rise of casual Fridays, business casual attire, and open office cultures has led to more companies relaxing policies on work attire. For women, appearance is still important to career success. But with a decline in official dress codes, we’re left to fend for ourselves.

We “work it” every day in cubicles, corner and home offices, coffee shops, and even outdoors. So, why not work it in style?

What makes The Power Dresser different?

Good question. A small, yet growing, number of fashion and style blogs are focused on the career woman. (Many of them are very good, and it’s a delight to be in the blogosphere with them.) But The Power Dresser is different, and we’d love to have you as a regular reader. Here’s why:

  • The Power Dresser is you! – This site was born of my own experiences, both as a fashion industry insider and a career woman. I went through several transitions throughout my professional life: from one industry to another, from creative to corporate, from the North to the South, and from entry-level to mid-level. During these phases, I needed to transition my wardrobe to adapt to my new environments, and to look career-level and age appropriate. My experience is similar to many other women, and I wanted a place to share how to make these style changes effortlessly.
  • Conversation – The goal of The Power Dresser is to evolve into a platform for women to share their experiences and insights in the workplace.
  • Real information for real women – The Power Dresser is not a personal blog diary. While those blogs offer a peek into someone else’s taste, TPD is about giving you the tools and knowledge to “dress for success.”