Secrets of the Most Stylish Women at Work

The best-dressed women at work live – and dress – by these simple style principles.



Above all, stylish women know how they look matters. No, it’s not about their physical attractiveness, but rather their ability to project presence, strength, and power with their appearance and body language.

Is there a woman in your office who always looks well put together? Most work environments have at least one. We both love and envy her style. Her seemingly effortless way of coordinating colors and incorporating trends appears elusive. How does she wear wide-leg trousers with panache and make them look professional and not dated? How does she strut into work every day as if she stepped off a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot, while the rest of us look frumpy?

The thing is, her secrets are rather simple.

Here are 12 secrets of the style stars who “show up and show out” every day at work.

  1. Recognize your best (and favorite) features and play them up.
  2. It’s important to know your body shape, the styles that look best on you, and how to work with proportion.
  3. It’s not the style of an item, but the fit that determines if it’s appropriate.
  4. Don’t forget your undergarments – understand their value and how they can best flatter your body shape and your style.
  5. The easiest way to transition pieces season to season is with layering and playing up different textures.
  6. Tailoring is incredibly important. Have a tailor on speed dial!
  7. Style_Secrets_TailoringAlways invest in high-quality blazers and jackets. Skimp on other items you won’t wear as often.
  8. Tape together your toes to ease high heel pain.
  9. Know the fashion rules – inside and out – before you attempt to break them.
  10. Don’t be afraid to assert your individuality.
  11. The devil IS in the details. When shopping for garments, pay attention to such features as seams, zippers, and buttons
  12. Most important, have fun with getting dressed!



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