10 Summer Shoes You Can Wear to Work

Flaunt your feet in stylish summer shoes

Summer is here, which means it’s time to put away the basic black pumps! But wearing summer shoes to the office can be tricky. Even in the most casual of workplaces, there are certain styles that are simply not appropriate (flip-flops, thick platforms, jelly sandals, to name a few).

Check out The Power Dresser picks of pumps, slingbacks, and flats that are high on style, yet office-friendly.


The Power Dresser Do’s and Don’ts for wearing summer shoes in the office

  • Do have pretty toes. This includes polish and clean, soft heels. With the right supplies, it’s easy to do a quick, at-home pedi.
  • Do keep up shoes. Many sandals have thin soles, so you may want to add extra cushioning in the foot bed or have rubber added to the outside soles to give them extra grip when walking over hard surfaces. A bit of TLC will help them last many summers.
  • Do store shoes. If your shoes came with a shoe bag, use it! Or, store them on a shoe shelf or box.
  • Do rotate shoes. Wearing the same shoes every day will wear them down fast. Invest in a few that can go with several outfits. 
  • Do have fun. It’s summer time! Experiment with color, fabric, and texture.

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