TV Style: 4 Tips Inspired by Rachel Zane of “Suits”


Rachel Zane’s style is influencing the fashion tastes of many everyday women climbing the corporate ladder. Many women watch “Suits” weekly to see how she makes classics such as button down shirts, trench coats and nude heels fresh and fashionable. Can’t get enough of Miss Zane? Here are four ideas to turn up the drama in your work outfits, inspired by Rachel’s beloved corporate style.

Wear a classic shirt in a different way


Rachel makes you want to buy 100 button down shirts. Take a trick from her playbook: pop the collar, roll the sleeves, or accentuate with delicate necklaces. Feeling really bold? Dare to half-tuck.

Dress head-to-toe in one color

Rachel Zane monochromatic outfitMonochromatic dressing – wearing one color or variations of the same color – creates an elegant, unbroken line. It is a clean and easygoing way to dress.

Pair sweaters and skirts

RachelZanesweaterandskirtlookDress smart casual (and still mean business) in a sweater and skirt. How to make sweaters win in the office: 1) select comfortable, lightweight fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool; 2) leave the bulky, over-sized or tight styles for the weekend; and 3) wear necklines and colors that enhance both the face and neck like Rachel’s V-neck, which is a universally flattering style.

Printed tops

Rachel Zane in SuitsChange it up top with a print blouse. Make sure both the color and print size flatter your upper half.

Bonus tip: Bend your own style rules

Secret Lovers: While Rachel and Mike keep their romance under wraps, Rachel can't seem to do the same with her midriff. (Source: USA Network)

Get out of your comfort zone and embrace one thing you may have never imagined –  mix patterns and prints, play with different fabrics and textures, or break a fashion rule (yes, you CAN wear white in winter!). Need more ideas? Think about what Rachel Zane would do.

If you love Rachel Zane, follow The Power Dresser Rachel Zane board on Pinterest.


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