Rachel Zane’s Top Secret on “Suits”

rachel zane Rachel Zanes Top Secret on Suits

 While Rachel and Mike keep their romance under wraps, Rachel can’t seem to do the same with her midriff. (Source: USA Network)

“Suits” is never-disappoint TV with its high-powered drama and sharp fashion at the fictional Pearson Darby law firm (formerly Pearson Hardman). And, as the title of Tuesday night’s episode suggested, there was a lot of Unfinished Business - in more ways than one.

Rachel Zane’s top in one scene – while beautiful in its detail and contrast to her high-waisted pencil skirt – appeared unfinished, hitting her trim midriff. Double-take. Whoa, that’s a crop top!!! Now, that might work for an edgy, creative pro like a fashion editor, but it is highly inappropriate for a paralegal.

Still, Rachel was owning that look.

victoria beckham Rachel Zanes Top Secret on Suits

No surprise, Victoria Beckham knows how to rock a crop top too.

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